St. Kitts Passport

Being the holder of the passport of a Caribbean island, for example you can find offers of passport of Dominica for sale, any Caribbean passport can offer as many benefits and happiness as would a typical trip to the islands. The island of St. Kitts, in particular, is known for tranquility, amazing growth and opportunities in real estate and its second passport program. The second passport program of St. Kitts enables foreign nationals to fulfill requirements for a Saint Kitts Passport application and become the holders of a St. Kitts passport. St. Kitts and Nevis Passport

Saint Kitts passport applications are on the rise, and St Kitts passports are sought for many reasons; some of which stem from the growing need to protect the future of children and spouses, wanting to know that a home away from home awaits somewhere in the Caribbean or that a strong offshore tax and investment strategy is designed for financial success. The St. Kitts passport is thus a solution to answering questions regarding personal and asset protection, fun, tax and financial issues.

Besides the focus that is often placed on retirement and expatriate living as another reason for applying for a St. Kitts passport, there is also the view that St. Kitts today represents a budding economy that has attracted investors from far and wide. The island is bordered with crystal clear white sand beaches and regular sunshine completes the scenery of a dream vacation home overlooking the Caribbean Sea, resorts and silhouettes of neighbouring islands and cays. A St. Kitts passport is ‘a passport’ to these possibilities that make like worth living.

St. Kitts Passport Requirements

St. Kitts passports can be obtained by birth, through marriage, residency and citizenship-by-investment under the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation. Trade and economic developments within the Caribbean and EU regions (including Schengen countries) have given St. Kitts passport holders access to preferential treatment in trade, investment opportunities and employment, as well as travel, thus increasing the number of places for which St. Kitts passports provide visa-free travel to well over one hundred.

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