Are you Eligible for Economic Citizenship Program?

Citizenship in St. Kitts and NevisThis article focuses on the eligibility of economic citizens who wish to acquire a St. Kitts passport. In order to apply for a passport of St. Kitts one must first become a citizen. Persons who can apply for St. Kitts and Nevis passports are citizens by birth, marriage, naturalization and economic citizenship.

One can become an economic citizen of St. Kitts by applying to its Citizenship-by-Investment program (real estate option or the donation option). To gain economic citizenship with the Citizenship-by-Investment real estate option, an applicant must buy real estate from specific sites. The government of St. Kitts and Nevis has set aside various real estate projects which are available to applicants to the citizenship program.

The minimum amount for real estate investment is US$400,000. In addition, the main applicant and dependents over 18 (other than spouses) pay a registration fee of US$50,000; other dependents and spouse pay US$25,000. This amount does not include the fees of US$7,500 (main applicant) and US$4,000 (other dependents and spouse) for due diligence which is required for all persons above the age of sixteen (16).

Real estate property bought in this manner in St. Kitts can only be sold or transferred after being held for no less than five (5) years. The new buyer or property owner does not qualify for the citizenship by investment program.

With the Sugar Industry Investment Foundation applicants qualify for St. Kitts citizenship by making a contribution towards the foundation. The single applicant contribution for citizenship under this option is US$250,000. An applicant with no more than three dependents pays US$300,000. Applicants with no more than five dependents contribute US$350,000. Final options is for applicants with six or more applicants who contributes US$450,000. The contributions are non-refundable. The contributions cover government registration fees, but does not include due diligence or agents’ processing fees.

The documents which are needed when applying for economic citizenship in St. Kitts are birth certificates for all applicants. An original copy must be submitted for all applicants. The names of the person and date of birth must be clearly stated on the document. In cases where spouses are also applying for citizenship of St. Kitts a marriage certificate must be provided. In cases of single divorcees or a widower or widow applying for citizenship for underage children a copy of death certificate or divorce certificate must be provided. Each applicant must submit 3 copies of the application for citizenship form; one original and two copies. Applicants must also submit along with their other documents medical certificates showing clean health as well as criminal records for all applicants above the age of sixteen (16).

All applicants who applied for economic citizenship and have been successful can submit an application for a St. Kitts passport. This process is easily completed once the certificate of Naturalization has been granted by the relevant authorities in St. Kitts.

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